Image of ILLLS - Hideout from the Feeders LP / ILLLS Bundle

ILLLS - Hideout from the Feeders LP / ILLLS Bundle




Here's the debut full length from ILLLS. You can stream it on SPIN.

First 100 copies on clear green vinyl. Comes with a download code.

CLEAR GREEN VINYL IS NOW SOLD OUT!! Now all orders ship with super sharp regular clear vinyl.

Track list:

1. Our Shadow
2. Out
3. Colleen
4. Coma
5. Wales
6. Sitting Around
7. Interlude
8. In Gray
9. Friends
10. In the Woods

Choose the bundle option if you'd also like a vinyl copy of the first ILLLS release, their Dark Paradise EP:

1. Bathroom Floor
2. Teeth [vinyl only track]
3. Goods
4. Where Will It Grow
5. Streetcars
5. It's Not Me

ACR-004 and ACR-003!

Digital is available from iTunes and Bandcamp:

Hideout from the Feeders by ILLLS

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